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Protection Set

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The Protection Set consists of Advanced Ear CleanserPaws & Nose Balm and First Aid Skin Care. It is a great combination to keep your dog protected and safe.

With this set, you get free the Travel Size Fruit Friends Shampoo for moisturization and a beautiful Always Your Friend cotton pouch

A great gift for your four-legged friend or for someone who loves pets! Suitable for Dog, Cat, Rabbit & Horse. 

Paws & Nose Balm Description

Natural rejuvenating balm specially designed for dry or cracked paws and nose. With strong moisturizing and soothing properties and all-natural ingredients. Due to the great variety of essential oils, the Paws & Nose Balm has a plethora of beneficial properties for the pet. Ideal for all seasons and it is recommended for frequent use. It can also be used for areas with dry skin and irritation. 

Beneficial Properties

Keeps skin soft
Anti-inflammatory agent
Helps treat wounds & infections
Heals dry flaky skin
Soothes rashes and skin irritation
Relieves itching from flea bites

Key Ingredients

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic Calendula Oil
Organic Jojoba Oil
Organic Argan Oil
Rosemary Leaf Essential Oil
Basil Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Vitamin E


Paws & Nose Balm is simple to use. Simply pop the top of the vase and gently rub your fingers over the surface. You do not need to break the surface of the balm. The heat from your hands will melt and transfer a little bit onto your fingertips. From there simply rub the balm gently into the paws or nose. Allow to absorb. For best results use frequently. Some dogs love to lick their paws and others their nose. You can feel confident knowing every last ingredient that goes into Paws & Nose Balm is completely safe. In case of dry skin or wound or infection, repeat the procedure at short intervals until the problem is resolved.

50 ml ℮ / 1.69 fl oz

Advanced Ear Cleanser

Advanced Ear Cleanser is an active silver spray for cleaning ears and ear canal. It fights bacteria and fungi, removes dust and excess wax without irritating in the most natural way.

Additional Properties: It can also be used as deodorant with amazing results.

Key Ingredients

Active Silver
Mentha Piperita Essential Oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil

Ear Cleaning Instructions

Shake well before use. Spray on a cotton pad (or cotton wool) and gently massage the ear and the ear canal until you wipe away any visible dirt and earwax. It is suggested to use weekly for maintenance and protection.

*Always seek a veterinary surgeons advice if the dog's ear is painful, if the production of wax has increased or if any head tilt develops.

Deodorant Instructions

Shake well before use. Spray a couple of times the coat and then brush it to spread the deodorant evenly. Ideal for everyday use.

100 ml ℮ / 3.38 fl oz

First Aid Skin Care Description

The first all-natural ointment for healthy skin. The First Aid Ointment is a combination of natural ingredients that create numerous amazing beneficial properties for your pet’s skin. It is great for fast and effective skin regeneration keeping bacteria away. The benefits of this innovative formula are the following:

  • It helps treat scars, scratches & infections
  • It soothes rashes and skin irritation
  • It helps treat mosquito and flea bites and relieves itching
  • It helps treat skin allergies
  • It fights eczema & bacteria

Do not worry if your pet loves to lick her skin. You can feel confident knowing every last ingredient that goes into First Aid Skin Care is completely safe and natural!

Friendly reminder: It is always suggested to get veterinarian advice for any skin symptom. First Aid Skin Care can also work as a complementary therapy. 

Natural Key Ingredients

Colloidal Silver
Organic Aloe Vera
Vitamin E
Organic Calendula Oil
Lavender essential oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Rosemary Oil 
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic Beeswax


Apply a thin layer over the required area 2 to 3 times daily and allow to absorb. Repeat the procedure at short intervals (2-3 times per day) until the problem is resolved.

50 ml ℮ / 1.69 fl oz

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