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Handmade, Safe & Quality Products

Always Your Friend is using the highest quality ingredients for the best possible results. This is because we treat your dog equally to your high standards.

All products are handmade with care, on the sunny island of Crete. 

For each batch made, a sample is sent to an independent laboratory for quality checks before distribution.

Our commitment is to make premium products that are safe and healthy for your pet.

Rich in Minerals, Vitamins & Enzymes

Always Your Friend pet products are pH-balanced. The natural ingredients used are Antioxidant, Anti-bacterial,  Anti-fungal and Anti-inflammatory.

They help Preventing redness,  itching, Correcting dry skin & dry coat, Healthy for coats, Beneficial for skin, Giving natural shine,  Help Healing wounds, with Calming effect on irritated skin, with Moisturizing properties, Strengthening the hair shaft & skin, Counteracting eczema, Helping peeling skin & fragile coat, Making brushing easier, Fighting hair loss and Repairing damaged coat.

Rich in minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.  Balance and Restore your best friend at 100%.

With Natural Organic Ingredients

We believe that pet care products can achieve the best possible results without the use of unsafe chemical substances and genetically modified ingredients. Always Your Friend has high standards following a healthy path to your dog wellness. There is no use of thickening additives, gluten, SLS, artificial colorants, petroleum derivatives, and alcohol.

No Parabens, No SLS!

All products are made with natural ingredients grown from mother Earth. Almost all products include Organic Aloe Vera known for its amazing properties on skincare, Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil known for its moisturizing properties with antioxidants and many more Organic Oils and Essential Oils for the health and wellness of your pet.

Premium Pet Products

Made in Greece, EU
Halepas 6A, 73133, Chania, Crete, Greece

Τelephone: +30 6932625565

Τelephone: +30 2821050325