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Your canine relies on you to be their exercise buddy. How are we able to exercise our four-legged buddies and avoid cabin fever all through the chilliest months? That’s wherein indoor dog activities come in:

Cleaning and caring for your puppy's ears are critical ways to reduce the risk of ear infections and extra wax build-up. Routine cleaning and examinations at home, are accurate ways to detect potential infections or ear illnesses at an early stage. 

Prompt treatment often offers a better prognosis, can reduce the chances for chronic disease and hearing loss, and can additionally provide quick relief for any discomfort your canine may be experiencing.

Since there are so many types of allergic reactions dogs can have from meals, flea/tick bites, grass, and many more, it is critical to look for any change in behavior when exposed to new stimuli. If your canine is going a few days showing lack of energy, has a constant cough or sneeze, or if something else appears out-of-place, you might be facing potential allergies.

Whether you have a new puppy in the house or a senior dog, walking your dog in the rain is one of the responsibilities of pet ownership. And if you cannot avoid it, you should at least enjoy it!

As with humans, it is important for a pet to be calm so that its mental balance is not disturbed. Most dogs are not used to the sound of fireworks, so the New Year's Eve and other celebrations can be a particularly stressful holiday for dogs and their humans alike.

It is natural for canines to be terrified of loud noises. The sounds can trigger their nervous system, and they can come to be stressed or afraid. Running far away from the loud noise is a survival instinct, so you have to take extra steps to make sure of their safety.

Remember, to your canine, the sound in of fireworks is distinct from other natural loud noises, like thunder. Fireworks are toward the ground, extra vibrant, with flashes and smoky smells. Dogs experience everything through their senses and the common New Year’s Eve celebration can be too much for them.

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