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Complete Grooming Set

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The Complete Grooming Set consists of Keratin Restore ShampooRejuvenation Pet Conditioner, Wonder Spray Detangler & Orchid Effect Perfume. It is a great combination of amazing grooming results and long-lasting Orchid scent. 

With this set, you get free a Limited Edition Large Absorbent Cotton Pet Towel and a beautiful Limited Edition Always Your Friend cotton pouch

A great gift for your four-legged friend or for someone who loves pets. The products are of Ultra-Premium Quality and they are designed for Dog, Cat, Horse, and Rabbit. 

Keratin Restore Shampoo Description

Rich and healthy hair with Keratin Restore shampoo that restores the coat to its natural state. Designed for hard or curly hair such as Terrier type. Reduces hair loss and repairs damaged or dry hair. It enhances the toughness and elasticity of the hair from the very first wash. It comes with irresistible orchid scent.


Moisten the coat with lukewarm water. Massage thoroughly with the shampoo for 5-10 minutes and rinse. Repeat the treatment and then dry well with a warm towel. If possible, use a hairdryer as well.


Up to 1:20. Keratin Restore Shampoo is highly concentrated. Use 1 part of shampoo and 20 parts of lukewarm water. For example in a medium-size pet, use an empty bottle to add 30ml of shampoo and 600ml of lukewarm water and then shake well for 10 seconds. 

Natural Key Ingredients

Organic Aloe Vera
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Vitamin E
Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
Keratin Protein
Organic Honeysuckle Oil
Organic Argan Oil

250 ml ℮ / 8.45 fl oz

Tips for a better bath

It is more beneficial to massage thoroughly with the shampoo for 10+ minutes before rinse. The massage helps clean the coat better, it creates a good environment for hair growth and it stimulates blood flow to and from the skin. It also decreases the stress that water may cause to some pets. 

Hair/skin drying is also a very important part of the shower. If your pet does not dry well, the hair may grow fungus or it may develop bacteria that can cause bad odor among other things. Dry well the coat and your pet will smell great for a longer time! 

Rejuvenation Pet Conditioner Description

Ultra Premium Quality Rejuvenation Cream with a refreshing Poppy & Sandalwood scent. Rich hair moisturizing effect, repairs and strengthens the coat with antistatic properties for softening knots. Can be used frequently for resilient strength, moisture and flexibility. Amazing results from the first wash since the natural conditioning oils absorb into hair for softness and brilliant shine.

Key Ingredients

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic Argan Oil
Organic Calendula Oil
Organic Jojoba Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil
Basil Essential Oil
Vitamin E


Use after bathing or after the first rinse of the bath. Massage thoroughly with the conditioner and rinse. Can also be used for a more frequent bath without the shampoo for moisturizing and restoring the coat while making the hair smoother and easier to detangle.


Up to 1:10

Rejuvenation Pet Conditioner is concentrated. For a medium-size pet, you can use an empty bottle to add 30ml of conditioner and 300ml of water. 

250 ml ℮ / 8.45 fl oz

Wonder Spray Detangler Description

At last, brushing becomes fun and easy. This natural Detangler is the perfect anti-static lotion to help loosen the most demanding knots. Ideal for all pets with long or curly hair. Eliminates static electricity and prevents dust from sticking to the hair. Boosts hair strength and elasticity while repairing and moisturizing the coat. It leaves the coat soft and shiny with an irresistible orchid scent. Designed for professional results for everyone.


Spray directly on knots and massage while detangling. Can be sprayed to facilitate brushing to protect the coat. Can be applied on dry or wet coat and it is also safe for frequent use for easier brushing. 

Key Ingredients

Rosemary Essential Oil
Keratin Protein
Vitamin E
Panthenol (Vitamin B5)

75 ml ℮ / 2.53 fl oz

Orchid Effect Perfume Description

Orchid Effect is a rich and elegant perfume that embodies charm, luxury, and sensuality. Its sophisticated notes create a sweet and daring aroma. Unique and timeless, it has arrived to astonish the crowds. The formula is gentle enough to use as often as needed and will not dry out the skin or the coat.


Shake well before use. Spray directly on the coat 1 to 3 times depending on pet size. Avoid contact with eyes. It is suggested to use at a distance of 20 to 30 centimetres (1 foot). Avoid contact with eyes.

Ideal use: 1-10kg 1-2 sprays, 10-30kg 3-4 sprays, 30+ kg 5-6 sprays

Natural Key Ingredients

Organic Honeysuckle Oil
Vitamin E
Panthenol (Vitamin B5)

75 ml ℮ / 2.53 fl oz

Gift: Limited Edition Absorbent Pet Towel Description

Premium Quality Pet Towel designed for dense hair. Crafted in a fresh white tone with extra-long fibres for superior absorbency and remarkably soft touch. Made from 100% natural cotton fabric. It can be used to dry a freshly bathed pet or a muddy pet.


  • Suitable for Dense Hair
  • Hypoallergenic Material
  • Dimensions: 140 x 70 cm
  • Weight: 550 gsm
  • Available Colour: White
  • Washing Instructions: Machine washable at 60 °C
  • Suitable for Ironing

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