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5 Great Tips for Walking Your Dog In the Rain

Whether you have a new puppy in the house or a senior dog, walking your dog in the rain is one of the responsibilities of pet ownership. And if you cannot avoid it, you should at least enjoy it!


Here are some tips to help keep your canine relaxed, for an enjoyable walk for both of you.

1. Have weather appropriate clothes

You should have the right weather clothing for you and your dog! A dog raincoat can help you keep your dog dry and not to mention adorable. It is also suggested to wear bright colors or have reflective strips on the wearing gear to make sure you and your dog are visible to traffic. Your dog might look like a walking traffic cone but let's consider safety first! 

2. Keep paws dry & clean

Make sure to properly dry your dog’s paws after the walk. Dry paws are imperative for their health and wellness. Always Your Friend has created the Paws Dry Clean Shampoo that helps you keep your house clean, with no decorative muddy paw prints! Learn more about the Paws Dry Clean shampoo here.

3. Shorter walks, more indoor activities

Keep your pet’s safety and enjoyment in mind. If there is heavy rain or it is pitch black outside, shorten the walks and maybe interact with your dog indoors, play with her and recover the time you missed from the walk. 

4. Be aware of contaminated puddles

Your dog’s wellness could be jeopardized by drinking out of contaminated puddles. Leptospirosis disease usually spreads in standing water like puddles. Often, a canine can become sick from drinking from a contaminated puddle. Be aware of your pet’s activity outdoors, and maybe bring fresh water with you to avoid your pup from drinking dirty water.

5. Keep in mind the seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies are all around us. It is good to monitor your pet's behavior for any signs of winter allergies. If you feel your dog might be affected by seasonal allergies, check in with your veterinarian. In case of skin allergies, you can also use the First Aid Skin Care, a great ointment for treating most skin conditions. It is a combination of numerous natural ingredients that help treat the skin from allergies, irritation, infections and more. Learn more about First Aid Skin Care here

Walking in the rain can be enjoyable for both of you

Walking your dog in the rain is a part of being a responsible dog owner, and getting outdoors is a great health benefit for both of you. With the right clothing and safety precautions, your next walk in the rain can be the highlight of you and your dog’s day. It is a great opportunity to bond together and enjoy the rain! 

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