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Dog Ear Infections: Do I need to clean my canine's ears?

Cleaning and caring for your puppy's ears are critical ways to reduce the risk of ear infections and extra wax build-up. Routine cleaning and examinations at home, are accurate ways to detect potential infections or ear illnesses at an early stage. 

Prompt treatment often offers a better prognosis, can reduce the chances for chronic disease and hearing loss, and can additionally provide quick relief for any discomfort your canine may be experiencing.

How Will I Know If My Dog Has an Ear Infection?

Keep an eye fixed for your canine’s everyday conduct and bodily health. As the pet’s owner, you'll know better than any whilst your canine begins to act abnormally. In particular, be careful for:

- Discharge from the ear
- Odor around the ear
- Excess scratching
- Redness inside the ear canal
- Sensitivity around the ears
- Ear swelling
- Masses around the ear area

Can I help prevent ear infections?

Regular ear cleaning is a great way to keep your dog’s ears protected from infections. To clean the ears, you need an ear cleaner designed for pets. You should avoid vinegar, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide, which may aggravate the pores and skin of some dogs.

How Should I Clean My Dog’s Ears?

In order to prepare your canine for cleaning the ears you need to be gentle! The ear and ear canal are sensitive areas, and you need to make soft moves for cleaning. 

To begin, you need to spray with the ear cleaner on a cotton pad or a ball of cotton wool and gently massage the outside of the ear canal and ear until you wipe away any visible dirt and earwax. This step should not be painful for your dog. If it is, have your dog examined by a veterinarian. Always make sure to rub gently the ear. It is best to use the cotton pad to clean from inside to outside. Repeat the method with your canine’s other ear.

How Often Should I Clean My Dog’s Ears?

The frequency with which you clean your dog’s ears relies upon your pet's breed, coat, degree of activity, environment, age, and ear wax production. For most dogs, the frequency of cleaning should be once every two weeks to a month. Others may need greater attention, especially the ones that frequently swim or get their ears wet.

Which ear cleaner should I use?

We suggest the natural innovative formula of Advanced Ear Cleanser. It is a 2 in 1 Silver lotion that is great for cleaning the ears/ear canal and deodorizing paws & skin. It fights bacteria and fungi, removes dust and excess wax without irritating in the most natural way. Great assistance for numerous ear diseases and allergies. Excellent for protection of the ear and ear canal from potential threats. Learn more about Advanced Ear Cleanser here.

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